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  Zhejiang Derote Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.is the R&D and manufacturing base of professional equipment package on heating system and domestic water system in China.The experiment center was designed and built according with European standards and models,with an annual production of 150,000 units,our products are widely used in one-family house and community integration system.

  Derote, whose main products are the equipment packageon heating system and domestic water system, has developed and designedits products as well as measured and controlled the product quality according withEuropean standards, thus providing consumers with safe, comfortable, intelligent and environmentally friendly products.

  Equipped with professional engineering and technical personnel, scientific management system, first-class and intelligent controlled measurement and producing equipments, reliable quality assurance system, perfect sales service system and unique corporate culture, Derote is committed to making “Derote” a global brand on gas heating and domestic water system equipments.

  Listen to your voice and to make Derote perfect.Welcome to Derote.


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